Winter/Spring 2018 Journal Clubs

Every term, reading groups meet across the STATMOS nodes to discuss topics in spatial and environmental statistics. These groups are open for remote and in-person participation across the STATMOS network. If you are interested in remote participation, please contact the reading group head or contact the webmaster (
Institution Topic Contact
N. Carolina State Univ. The readings for the Spatial Reading Group at NCSU in Spring 2018 are grouped by key spatial statistics topics which are important with the perspectives of inference, computing, and applications. The aim of the group is to have the attendants understand the basics and updates on important spatial statistics topics (e.g., O(n^3) Problem, MCMC Methods on Spatial Models) and learn interesting topics (e.g. Bayesian Nonparametrics on Spatial Data Analysis, Spatial Point Process). The topics are kept open so if you have any topics or papers you are interested in, we can add them in the list. The schedule is available here. Zhou Lan (
Univ. of Washington The Space-Time Reading Group at UW will work through chapters of Statistics for Spatio-temporal Data by Cressie & Wikle (2011). After a couple weeks cementing the spatiotemporal fundamentals, we will focus on methods that use dynamical systems to model the temporal dimension of spatiotemporal data. Extensions, applications and software demonstrations for dynamical spatiotemporal modelling will be presented at quarter's end. We welcome participation from folks outside UW! Our schedule is available here. Max Schneider (