Recent events in climate science have highlighted the need for increased participation of statisticians. While mathematics play an important role in modeling fluid dynamics, statistics specializes in quantifying uncertainty. We are building a network of statisticians with interest in atmospheric and ocean science. The hubs of the network (and some nodes) have personnel both in statistics and in atmospheric and ocean sciences, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research is a common node connected to each of the nodes. The network will also connect with similar networks in the Pacific Northwest and in Europe. The topics of research cover broad areas with a common theme being multivariate nonstationary non-Gaussian spatio-temporal models, which are needed to describe a changing world. Network researchers will study extreme events in space and time, will develop methods to compare models to data, make uncertainty assessments for scenario-based climate projections, and produce computationally efficient ways to deal with large amounts of data from observing networks and numerical models. The project proposal is available.