Ocean Sciences Meeting Feb 11-16 2018, Portland OR

Session Title: Visualization, Statistics, and Model Validation of Big Data for Oceanography.
Session ID#: 28299

The abstract submission deadline is Wednesday, 6 September 2017.

Further details are here: https://agu.confex.com/agu/os18/preliminaryview.cgi/Session28299
Session Description:
Oceanographic research in today’s world often requires analysis of multiple datasets including ship-based in situ measurements, profiles by autonomous floats such as Argo and Deep Argo, satellite remote sensing data, as well as ocean model outputs and ocean state estimates that ingest these observations into global and regional models. These datasets are so large and varied that traditional data analysis approaches are inadequate to deal with the information surge in the oceanographic community. Innovative statistical analysis, computational techniques, and data visualization developed for Big Data Analytics are needed and can create new research opportunities. New software and computational methods can help with data collection, analysis, curation and visualization. These new techniques can advance our understanding and modeling of the global ocean circulation and its role in Earth’s climate variations. This session solicits creative studies of statistics, visualization, and modeling to address emerging challenges in oceanography and climate data analysis. The presentation topics may broadly include new computational platforms for big data, optimal data gridding, ocean model diagnostics and validation, pattern detection, machine and statistical learning, and other advanced data mining techniques in oceanographic research.

Conveners: Donata Giglio, Barbara Bailey, Samuel S.P. Shen

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